Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you plan your upcoming show better!


How do we get booked?

– Simply send an e-mail via our contact page and we will send our avails back within 2-3 days. If not – send a follow up!

We play “insert genre here” – can you work with us?

– Generally speaking we can work with most genres. If we don’t happen to work with your style we can almost certainly recommend you a place/promoter to work with.


When is load in (the time we SHOULD show up)?

– Load can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours (or more) before doors. You will be given your load-in time for your specific show when you get booked and/or before the show. If you have questions about load in ask whenever. The questions following should cover it though.

Why do we have to show up so early / can’t we just bring our stuff in when doors open or after doors?

– We use this time to collect ticket money/leftover tickets if you don’t sell all yours, organize gear, and just in general take some time to meet new bands. Also once the show starts people will be coming and going and it’s easier if bands aren’t loading in during that time.

I have school/work/etc and can’t be there until “x” time – what do I do?

– That’s fine. We understand with 5-7 (or more) bands everyone can’t be on time. Music industry tends to run on a late schedule. We don’t mind if you are late as long as the whole band isn’t just getting to the venue right before the set.

What gear do I need to bring?

– For a standard local show you need to bring all gear (minus PA/mics) or if you can share gear that’s even better!

Can we bring our PA if we want?

– You won’t need it. Each venue has a more than adequate PA that is most likely better than whatever you are practicing on.

What’s a backline?

– A backline is a way of setting up gear from headliner to opener on stage or gear that is provided for you.

I’m the drummer – what do I do?

– Set up your kit and find a place to store it. Drums are not backlined.

How long do we have to setup/breakdown?

– Generally local acts have ten minutes between sets and for national acts the standard is 15 minutes. After your set breakdown gear offstage. If you don’t think it’s enough time practice setting up. This way you won’t have to worry about cutting into your set time when you play out. We’ve had full bands set up in 5 minutes so it’s definitely possible to be ready to go quickly!


Why are we asked to sell presale tickets to local / national shows and can’t we just get a door draw?

– The reason we ask bands sell tickets is for promotional purposes. We’ve noticed since we’ve had bands sell tickets word gets out about the show. It also gives us a more direct correlation on who came out for what band. You sell tickets on local shows to get considered for national shows or future shows. The more you sell the better opportunities of getting more shows and on the national shows where the sales help us pay to bring in the bigger bands. It also helps to show them what our scene is capable of in regards to how strong of a draw the bands in this area have.

Do we have to sell tickets to get a show booked? / We can draw well at the door – can’t you tally? – No! We do shows with and without tickets. Door tallies do work for many shows, but we still prefer tickets – especially when the door is busy!

How much are we getting paid?

– This varies a lot based on venue, but if you bring over 10-15 on a local show you will be paid. National shows bring a bigger curveball. Keep in mind those shows are fewer in number and more about exposure.

How do tickets and payouts work for touring bands?

– Of course if you are in a touring band outside of CT/MA/RI/NH we don’t expect you to be able to sell tickets. We definitely do guarantees for touring bands when we can. However, we can’t help out EVERY band. So, when it doesn’t fit we will offer you a fair door deal at the least.


Is the venue as bad as everyone makes it out to be or even good for shows?

– Yeah we get this and no the venue is fine for shows. Granted some venues are cleaner than others or have better lights/sound, but keep in mind we wouldn’t use a venue if it was that bad.

Can we play our style of music there and does it fit the venue?

– Generally speaking yes you can. While some venues are better fitted for different genres you can certainly due any genre at any venue that we work with.


Can I get “insert person” here in free / I don’t have any money, but really want to come to the show so can I go?

– We don’t mind giving guestlists provided bands have a great draw. Personally our opinion is a guestlist should be used for merch, photography, video. If you have someone doing something promotional to the band then we don’t mind helping out. Unless your draw is great typically we ask family and significant others support you and the show by paying. You can also be nice and pay for them if you want! However, if someone really doesn’t have the money we won’t refuse them. That brings us to the point anyone is welcome at our shows when you don’t have money. We do ask and encourage you support the entire show and try to bring a paying friend if possible.


Should you have any other questions or feel something should be added please get in touch via e-mail at: keynotecompany@yahoo.com and we appreciate the support!

Thank you for reading and now you should be well informed on our shows and what to expect.